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Customize Your Design

Perhaps you have a tagline, a logo, or design you would like to create to empower others? We can bring your vision to  life on any apparel. Send us a message on our Contact page to discuss your needs. 

Empowerment Apparel, LLC.

I love our new design, and it was a big seller at a recent event. God has placed great things in all of his children, and we must "Die Empty" of every assignment God has given to us! 

An Empowerment Apparel Original!

Empowerment Apparel, LLC.

Just a few of our Empowerment Statements for Any Apparel

   Empowerment Apparel's Taglines  

  • Die Empty‚Äč
  • I'm A Good Thing
  • Live Like A Son
  • ATL-Anointed to Launch
  • #Salty
  • Kingdom Salt 
  • I Am A Kingdom Salt Shaker
  • Kingdom Chick
  • The Floor Is the Door
  • Go New 

Empowerment Apparel, LLC.

"I'm A Good Thing" Empowerment Statements for Any Apparel

Empowerment Apparel, LLC.

"I'm A Good Thing" Empowerment Statement for Any Apparel

ATL - Anointed To Launch

Empowerment Apparel, LLC.

"Stiletto Stand Movement" 

Contact [email protected] for info on

Stiletto Stand Mentorship Program

Have a Favorite Sport or Team...We Can Bling?

Also Available in Vinyl for Unisex Apparel

Dance Mom

Hockey Mom

Fearless & Fierce